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EMDR R-TEP training, Sponsored Advanced Clinical Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona June 21, 2014

EMDR Therapists at the Preparedness Summit and the EMDR Regional Workshop - Betrayal Trauma: Working with First Responders and the Military, April 2014

Arizona Trauma Recovery Network Special Activities

AzTRN Caring for the Caregivers . . .

During the third week of September 2013, Bev Laidlaw Chasse and Julie Russomanno provided 14 two hour R-TEP sessions over a three day period, as well as a two hour consultation group for EMDR TRN therapists in the Wickenburg, Prescott and Yarnell areas. Therapists reported receiving significant benefit from the R-TEP sessions and were appreciative of the support the AzTRN provided to them. Unfortunately, we we did not get pictures of everyone who participated. Prescott, Yarnell, and Wickenburg are very fortunate to have so many passionate and skilled clinicians who are devoted to excellence.

A big thank you goes out to Carol Kibbee and Pam Griggs, both of whom donated the use of their offices in Prescott!

Comments from Participants

"I felt very much supported and cared for by the TRN and Hap folks. I think I was in shock in the beginning, having lost some of my son's friends and an emergency R-TEP session . . . was very helpful. The next R-TEP sessions were amazing . . . and cleared out some of my remaining trauma."

"I am so grateful for the care and kindness that you extended to me and my community."

"I know that I felt very supported by the efforts of the TRN and HAP especially in the early stages of this disaster when it felt so overwhelming and uncertain what the therapeutic needs would be. There was a 'Don't, worry, we got your back'attitude and the response was phenomenal."

"The website was very useful, so much fabulous information on there to help people in the early stages and it is really accessible."

"I have to say that the TRN response to our disaster was very beneficial to me as a practitioner. It gave me focus and a clear path in a time of unrest and uncertainty. I personally benefited from the RTEP session I had . . . also was great role modeling for the application of RTEP."

"Quickly, just wanted to tell you one week later and I am feeling amazing. Thank you so much!"

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    First AZ State MRC meeting in Tucson, Feb. 2015
  • mrc photomrc photo
    First AZ State MRC meeting in Tucson, Feb. 2015

First Arizona State MRC meeting in Tucson,
February 2015

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