Resource List

  1. Disaster Distress Hotline: click here
  2. Helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting: click here
  3. Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting: click here
  4. Five questions on the Tucson, AZ., shootings for Psychologist Joel Dvoskin, Ph.D. [please see question 3 and response]: click here
  5. Tips for talking with and helping children/youth cope after a disaster or traumatic event - A guide for parents, caregivers, and teachers: click here
  6. Helpful hints for School Emergency Management - Psychological First Aid (PFA) for students and teachers: Listen, Protect, Connect -Model and Teach: click here
  7. Listen, Protect, Connect - Model and Teach - Psychological First Aid for Teachers and Students: click here
  8. After a loved one dies - how children grieve and how parents and other adults can support them: click here
  9. School Crisis Guide - Help and Healing in a Time of Crisis: click here
  10. American Counseling Association: Disaster Mental Health Resources - Facts Sheets: click here
  11. Traumatic Stress Symptoms Handout: click here
  12. Facts for Families: Children and Grief: click here
  13. The Dougy Center: How to Help a Grieving Child: click here
  14. SAMHSA-Intervention Summary: Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing: click here
  15. Tamara Rounds MSW, and Kelly O'horo, LPC speaking at Arizona State University regarding their roles at AzTRN and Trauma, EMDR, and PTSD: click here [video]
  16. Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors TAPS: TAPS is the national organization providing comfort and care for the families of America's fallen heroes. TAPS provides help, hope, and healing through ongoing peer-based emotional support, regional and national events, casework assistance, a 24/7 National Military Helpline, and connections to grief and trauma resources. click here for the TAPS website (

National Center for Crisis Management Information

  1. Practical suggestions for assisting children in the aftermath of a tragedy: click here
  2. Teacher guidelines for crisis response: click here
  3. Parent guidelines for crisis response: click here
  4. How do people respond during traumatic exposure?: click here
  5. Helpful information during and after a traumatic event: click here

American Counseling Association Information

  1. Disaster Mental Health Resources - Facts Sheets: